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TingHui medical instrument designs and manufactures an extensive range of treatment furniture and rehab products and is involved in four main design market: hospital&clinic, home-care,daily rehab & pets. Many of the best-know name in domestic and aboard applicators, some of the star-up business,brands companies ,gov-treatment planing for products they can really rely on and with an emphasis on customer service. we create customized your specific needs,work closely with individuals to help a growing company achieve its goals. Every products have its Production requirements work guide, purse quality instead of quantity in daily process, QC teams have facilities and responsibility to ensure quality Stamping equipment, Spot welding machine, CNC Shearing Machine,CNC bending machine,CNC router machine creates, combination of different materials.

 -examination couch 

-medical trolley /cabinet 

-oxygen clinder 

-foldable ward screen 

-I.V /drip stand 

-hospital bed 

-overbed table 

-gynecology bed 

-surgical step stool 


-senior shopping trolley,rollator


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Contact: Sales

Phone: 13794097375


Company: Tocarether Medical Instrument CO., Ltd

Add: Leliu Town,Foshan,GUANGDONG

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